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$6400 union subsidy is fake, not legit



$6400 union subsidy is fake, not legit

There have been several ads on YouTube and other social media platforms talking about a $5200 – $6400 union subsidy. Sorry, they are fake.

One of the scam ads that was found on YouTube reads;

“Good news! All Americans will receive $5,200 -$6,400 in subsidies to spend on Rent, Gas, Groceries, or anything else.”

See another below.

We did a review of most of the websites posing to give this health plan subsidy and we found out most of them were just created recently.

Note that, Identity thieves use these kinds of scams to obtain personal information from you as you “qualify” by filling out online forms with your bank account information and social security number.

Make sure websites involving government agencies end in .gov to avoid scams such as this one.

Stay safe guys.

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