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Allison Payne: Ex-WGN host cause of death explored



WGN Allison Payne death

WGN-TV is mourning the death of Allison Payne, a longtime former news anchor who died at the age of 57. Let’s take a look at her cause of death.

Payne was a 21-year WGN-TV veteran who was hired in 1990 as a 25-year-old from Saginaw, Michigan. She went on to cover a variety of important stories around the world, including tracing former President Barack Obama’s ancestors in Kenya and traveling to the Ivory Coast with Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Payne was a Detroit native who moved to Chicago for many years, where he became involved in the community by mentoring students and eventually establishing a foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in journalism.

Payne and WGN parted ways in September 2011 when she returned to her hometown of Detroit due to a series of unfortunate health events.

Payne died on September 1st, at the age of 57, in Detroit. She made a significant contribution to WGN history.

Allison Payne dead

Allison Payne Cause Of Death

 Allison’s cause of death has not been made known to the public yet.

The 57-year old WGN-TV veteran has been having several health issues before she kicked the bucket.

Payne was placed on medical leave in January and August of 2008 after suffering a series of mini-strokes. MEAWW reported.

This resulted in her announcing an indefinite leave of absence in November 2008 and admitting to being treated for depression in January 2009. “It was brutal getting out of the house, I couldn’t get out of bed,” she said in an interview.

Payne returned in 2009 but left the show in January 2011.

She confirmed a few weeks later that it was because “I’m having trouble with my vocal cords.” A series of unprofessional on-air appearances, including slurring of words, glassy-eyed gazes, and sobbing led to massive criticisms, forced the channel to demote her from the 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm newscast. 

Allison Payne confirmed a few weeks later that it was due to “issues with my vocal cords.” A string of unprofessional on-air appearances, including slurred words, glassy-eyed gazes, and sobbing, prompted the channel to demote her from the 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. newscasts. MEAWW reported.

Payne never revealed what was wrong with her, but after several failed attempts to return, she decided to call it quits in September 2011. “Payne and WGN parted ways in September 2011 as she returned to her hometown of Detroit due to a series of unfortunate health events,” WGN said in a statement.

Allison Payne, R.I.P. Queen & Chicago Legend
(12 February 1964 – 1 September 2021)


Kentrell McNeal, 15, killed in Chicago Shooting



Two Chicago high school students were killed in gun violence in Chicago on Tuesday. 15-year-old Simeon High School student, Kentrell McNeal has been identified as one of the deceased.

 McNeal was pronounced dead at 9:33 a.m. Wednesday.

McNeal and the 14-year-old boy were attacked while sitting in a car around 6:30 p.m. in the 5200 block of South Lake Park Avenue. According to Police

Kentrell McNeal/Facebook

The younger boy was struck in the leg and transported to Comer Children’s Hospital in critical condition, police said.

McNeal suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to Provident Hospital, police said. He was transferred to Comer.

Kentrell McNeal eating pizza/Facebook

McNeal was part of the nonprofit youth group Good Kids Mad City, according to the group’s executive director Carlil Pittman.

“Lately I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Kentrell,” Pittman wrote on Twitter. 

 is why it’s so important to have creative spaces and outlets for young people to be able to go to because there’s nothing on the streets of Chicago for them already. RIP.”

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