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Cierra Chubb: South Carolina Mother who gave birth while battling COVID-19 is home



Cierra Chubb

South Carolina mom is finally home with her family and newborn baby. She spent nearly three months in the hospital on a ventilator while battling COVID-19.

Cierra Chubb walked out of the hospital to rehab. Chubb’s harrowing journey began in July.

Chubb, who was eight months pregnant with her third child, was concerned about the vaccine’s impact on her. She made the decision to wait.

“It wasn’t like a, ‘I’m not doing this,'” her husband Jamal said. “It was like, ‘as soon as we give birth, this is a done deal.'”

Chubb was infected and, within days, checked into the hospital with pneumonia.

Doctors rushed to deliver her son several weeks early. She was placed on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma. Her heart stopped twice.

“They called me that night and said, ‘you might want to get up here and come see her. We don’t know that she’s going to make it,'” Jamal said.

“One night a nurse calls me and she says, ‘hey Jamal, I’m giving you a call because Cierra’s awake and she wants to talk to you.”

At Prisma Health in South Carolina, she became stronger by the day, learning how to do just about everything, including walking again.

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