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Extreme sunburn competition: Real or Fake? (Revealed)



Extreme sunburn competition

There has been a lot of discussion about a picture that has gone viral of an extreme sunburn competition in Florida.

The picture which was shared on Twitter has gotten over 6.6 million views as people are eager to know if the competition is real or fake.

“You can always tell AI pictures by the fingers ….computers can’t get that part right”, Someone said.

Another said; “AI needs to be banned for generating this image”.

Extreme sunburn competition

Extreme sunburn competition: Real or Fake?

This picture was created by artificial intelligence. You can tell by looking closely at the hands.

sunburn competition

A sunburn competition doesn’t exist in Florida.

However, there was a website that encouraged visitors to send in photos of their sun-damaged bodies in exchange for a prize.

The advertisement featured images of sunbathers or people who were sunburned, and it offered a free vacation for two in exchange for such images.

However, The website later removed all of the pertinent content, and the competition was not permitted to reappear in its current form.

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