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Fact Check: Safiya Firoze Afghanistan Pilot Stoned To Death



A story about a female Afghan pilot named Safia Firoze has gone popular on social media. What exactly is Fact Check?

According to reports, Firoze, an Afghan Air Force pilot, was stoned to death when the Taliban took control of the nation.

Safiya Firozi, one of the four lady pilots of the Afghan Air Force stoned to death in public this morning”. One of the claims read. “We should hang our heads in shame . RIP Safiya Firozi,” Another said.

Safiya Firoze Fact check

  • The story is false

The photo, on the other hand, is from a 2015 event in which a 27-year-old woman called  Farkhunda Malikzada.

The 27-year-old Muslim woman was murdered by a mob after being wrongly accused of burning passages from the Quran, Islam’s sacred book.

According to a 2016 Human Rights Watch study, the murder of 27-year-old Malikzada proved a failure to promote women’s rights in Afghanistan, despite repeated government assurances.

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