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Fez Whatley 2022 Heart Attack, Death & Instagram Explored



Fez Whatley, a radio personality and co-host of “The Ron and Fez Show,” has passed away. He died of heart failure on Friday night.

Fez Whatley Death & Heart Attack

“We lost our sweet Fez Whatley last night. His heart finally gave out,” Bennington wrote. “We are devastated, but we will always remember the laughter through our tears.  Our thoughts are with his family who loved him the most and with the people who knew him as a voice on the radio. #fezwhatley.” Whatley’s former hosting partner, Ron Bennington, announced the news on Instagram.

In March, Bennington shared photos of Whatley laying in a hospital bed after he suffering “another massive heart attack. “Fez had another massive heart attack this week.  He flatlined on Tuesday but was able to be revived by doctors. He spent a few days on a ventilator and is now breathing on his own. “

Fez Whatley laying in a hospital bed after he suffering “another massive heart attack in march 2021/ Image credit: benningtonsxm (Instagram)

Bennington added: “His sister snapped these pics of him while he was on the vent, and Fez is oddly proud of them.”

On November 9, 2005, Whatley had a minor heart attack that he didn’t recognize. The next day, he hosted The Ron and Fez Show before seeing a doctor, who informed him that he had suffered a heart attack and had been diagnosed with diabetes.

Fez left the studio during the show to go to the medical department after an interview with author Elmore Leonard on May 9, 2007. On May 11, 2007, Fez had a second stent implanted.

While in the hospital for treatment for an unrelated medical condition on September 24, 2010, Fez was diagnosed with his third heart attack. On Monday, September 27, he was discharged from the hospital and returned to the program on Wednesday, September 29.

On The Anthony Cumia Show on August 5, 2015, Ron Bennington revealed that Fez had suffered his fifth heart attack.

Fez Whatley Instagram

  • Whatley does not have an Instagram account.

Whatley rose to prominence after working as a producer and contributor for the famous syndicated radio show The Ron and Ron Show. Following Ron Diaz’s departure from the program, it was terminated due to low ratings.

On the Daytona Beach radio station WKRO, Whatley collaborated with Bennington on “The Ron and Fez Show.”

Twitter Reactions

There have been several reactions following Fez Whatley’s death.

“RIP Fez, easily one of the best at keeping a joke going. Really sad to hear about him passing away. Ron and Fez were one of the greatest shows of all time.” One wrote.

Another said: “RIP Fez Whately, to those that remember the Ron and Fez show it was one of the funniest most original shows of all time and I am unable to count the amount of hours of laughs they gave me in my life. Rest easy brother”

A man said: RIP Fez Whatley. This is really sad. Ron and Fez were a daily part of my life for so long. A comic legend. Fez is with Otto and George, Patrice O’Neal and Rich Vos, now. Rest easy, Big Cat.”

Fez Whatley died at age 57.

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