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God Mode Bull real or fake? (25 million dollar bull) – Full Details



God Mode Bull

There is a viral video of a bull named God Mode and it is claimed to be worth 25 million dollars. How true is this?

We also saw the video and we did some research. Check out what we found below.

Going by the video, The bull was actually in “God Mode”, jumping and shaking his rider off him.

Bulls are known for their strength due to a combination of factors, including their physical characteristics and natural behavior:

  1. Muscular Build: Bulls have a naturally robust and muscular physique. They possess strong muscles in their neck, shoulders, and hindquarters, which provide them with the power and force required for various activities such as charging, fighting, or moving heavy objects.
  2. Size and Weight: Bulls are typically larger and heavier than cows or other cattle. Their size contributes to their overall strength, as they have more mass and leverage to exert force.
  3. Evolutionary Adaptations: Bulls, like other cattle, have evolved over time to survive and thrive in their environments. They have developed a muscular structure and skeletal system that allows them to navigate challenging terrains, defend themselves, and compete for mates.
  4. Aggressive Nature: Bulls can exhibit territorial and aggressive behavior, particularly during mating seasons or when they perceive a threat. This aggression is driven by hormones and instincts, which can further enhance their strength and willingness to defend themselves or their herd.

It’s important to note that while bulls are indeed strong animals, caution and proper handling are necessary when interacting with them, as their strength and unpredictable behavior can pose risks to humans.

two bulls fighting
Two bulls fighting

Is the 25 million-dollar God Mode Bull real or fake?

We found no information about the 25-million-dollar bull named God Mode after conducting extensive research. So it’s not real; if it were, he’d be famous.

We only found information about “the world’s most dangerous bull”, Bodacious.

Bodacious the Bull

Bodacious the Bull
Bodacious the Bull

“Bodacious” refers to a specific bull named “Bodacious the Bull” or simply “Bodacious,” who was a legendary bucking bull in the world of professional rodeo.

Bodacious, born in 1988, was known for his incredible strength, athleticism, and aggressive bucking style.

He gained notoriety for being one of the most challenging bulls to ride, with very few cowboys successfully staying on his back for the required eight seconds.

Throughout his career, Bodacious competed in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) circuit and became one of the most famous bulls in the sport.

He was known for his explosive power and unpredictable maneuvers, which made him a formidable opponent for riders.

However, it’s important to note that Bodacious’s aggressive nature and intensity also posed risks for the riders.

bodacious bull
bodacious the bull

Several cowboys sustained serious injuries while attempting to ride him.

Bodacious’s career ended in 1995 due to an injury he sustained during a competition.

He suffered a fractured jaw, which was believed to have occurred when he hit his head against the chute after a particularly powerful buck.

The injury led to his retirement from professional rodeo.

After his retirement, Bodacious lived on a ranch until his passing in 2000.

He left a lasting impact on the sport of rodeo and is remembered as one of the most iconic and challenging bucking bulls in history.

God Mode Bull
The claimed 25 million dollar God Mode Bull

Who owns Bodacious Bull?

Bodacious was primarily owned by the Teague family, specifically Sammy Andrews, who was a respected stock contractor in the rodeo industry.

Sammy Andrews, along with his wife Tina Andrews, owned and managed the Bodacious breeding program.

They were instrumental in the development and promotion of Bodacious as one of the most renowned bucking bulls in rodeo history.

Bodacious the Bull
Bodacious the Bull

It’s important to note that ownership of bulls, especially notable ones like Bodacious, can change hands over time.

However, during Bodacious’s prime and competitive years, the Teague family, particularly Sammy Andrews, was closely associated with his ownership and breeding program.

How old was Bodacious when he died?

Bodacious, the legendary bucking bull, passed away at the age of 12. He was born in 1988 and lived until May 16, 2000.

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