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Who is Jon Ferry ‘Jonsbones’ on Tiktok? His ‘Human Bones’ collection sparks reaction on social media




A TikToker (@jonsbones) collection of human skulls is piling up social media reactions.

Who is Jon Ferry?

Jon Ferry (TikToker, JonsBones’ creator and CEO) describes himself as a “leading provider of medical human osteology.” He also claimed to have graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in product design. Jonsbones said he began his career in osteology by studying animal articulations and has subsequently expanded his knowledge to include human osteology.

On his website, he offers real human bones “for the purpose of education and understanding.” Bones and ribs may be purchased for about $20, and whole human skeletons can be purchased for under $6,350.

Since starting his TikTok profile (@jonsbones) in February 2020, Ferry has amassed 460,000 followers. Ferry shows viewers a wall covered in human spines in a viral TikTok video, which he describes as “his pride and pleasure.”

However, with his rise in popularity, social media users have begun to wonder where the human remains come from and what the ethics are behind it all. The TikToker has even been chastised by some osteologists for his collection.

On TikTok, Ferry defended himself, claiming that everything he does is lawful since there is no federal legislation forbidding the purchase, sale, or possession of human osteology in the United States.

Twitter Reactions

There have been several reactions and questions on Twitter about Jon Ferry’s collection of human bones.

One said: “Where is he getting these remains? He has small children and fetal remains too. I can’t imagine finding out my loved ones spine is hanging in someone’s house as a collection.”

Another said: “I’m more annoyed that this freak can afford all those bones. that’s tens of thousands of dollars of bones! man I’m just over here trying to save up for the ps5 on StockX”.

One said: these bones are likely from India, there is a huge problem in rural communities with grave robbing, especially because there is a low literacy rate at times so families may even sign documents authorizing it without knowing what they’re doing”.

A lady said: “Legal doesn’t mean ethical. If this gentleman wants to get into some kind of graduate program in biomedicine or biological anthropology, he’s already turned a lot of prominent people in both fields off. Ethical standards for human remains are taken very seriously in the sciences.”

An Osteologist on Twitter (@Yara_Haridy) while reacting to the skull collection said: “Always beware of someone hiding behind jargon he calls it “human osteology” instead of human remains to give himself legitimacy. He isn’t a scientist.”

“Finally it is obvious this guy has no respect for osteology or humans (check out the skull with cash in its mouth). Osteology has a rough colonialists history, and it’s this exact mindset that got the whole field there.”

Jonsbones has 458.4K Followers on Tiktok.

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