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Missing Mother of Four Discovered Dead Inside Giant Python



python swallow woman

A mother of four who went missing was found dead inside a giant python, sparking concern from animal experts.

According to PEOPLE, the body of 45-year-old Farida was discovered on Friday, June 7, after a python swallowed her whole. This tragic event happened in Kalempang village, Indonesia. Farida’s husband and locals found her after cutting open a python they spotted in the area.

Farida had gone missing the previous night, prompting a search. Her belongings were found nearby, raising suspicions. A large python with a swollen body was then found and cut open, revealing Farida, still fully clothed.

Footage of the shocking discovery has been shared on social media.

Animal Planet’s Mark O’Shea, host of O’Shea’s Big Adventure, told TMZ that Farida likely did not suffer for long. He explained that the snake’s coils cut off circulation, probably causing a heart attack.

O’Shea clarified that pythons kill quickly by ambushing their prey and constricting them. Once a person is caught, it is very difficult to free them from the snake’s coils.

Farida’s husband expressed his grief, apologizing for the suffering she endured. According to CBS News, Farida is the fifth person to be found inside a snake in Indonesia since 2017.

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