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NASA Operation Big Cave: Real or Fake (Revealed)



NASA Operation Big Cave

You probably have heard about the NASA August 21 Operation Big Cave story and you wondering if it’s real or fake, well you are at the right place.

We will be sharing details and fact-checking the story. Continue reading below to learn more.

The NASA Operation Big Cave Story

The story states;

“On August 21st, NASA announced to the public they were going on a mission called Operation Big Cave. This task was mostly for research purposes.

However, what they didn’t tell the public was that they had other plans in mind.

NASA took a fleet of five ships and set sail into the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, on the fifth day, they had reached their destination. They sent three submersibles down and quickly started searching around on the ocean floor.

It was as if they were looking for something.

They kept searching for five minutes and they found it.

Suddenly, in front of them stood the entrance to a huge underwater cave. The submersibles made their way in and were astonished by the colossal size of this underwater cavern.

It was dark and murky and silent as if nothing had made its way through this cave in years.

As they went along, one of the submersibles accidentally bumped into a side of the cave wall, causing some rocks to fall and create a loud bang.

This sound echoed through the cave. After a few seconds, it went silent again.

But then, out of nowhere, the whole cave began to shake. And they heard a roar from the end of the cave. Then what happened next, none of the men will ever forget.

They saw a huge eye in front of them open up.

This eye belonged to creatures at least 150 feet. They called for an immediate evacuation of the cave and, made it back to the surface as fast as possible.

The men quickly made it back to the ships and as fast as they could made their way out of the vicinity of this beast.

NASA Operation Big Cave: Real or Fake

The NASA Operation Big Cave story is fake.

There is no information stated on the NASA website or video footage of the operation.

Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

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