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Newport Menthol Soda real or fake? (Revealed)



Newport Menthol Soda real or fake

There is a viral image of Newport Menthol Soda that has people wondering if it is real or fake. It has also elicited a variety of reactions from users.

“McDonald’s sprite gonna have some competition now haha”, a user reacted.

Another said; “Sounds awful. I’ll take one, and a glass in case I want to share the horror with others, please.”

One also said; “This prolly taste like when u put the cigarette out in a half drunk can of soda n u forgot about it n took a sip”.

Is Newport Menthol Soda real or fake?

Sorry, the Newport Menthol Soda is fake, not real.

Newport Menthol Soda

The image was posted on a meme page on Facebook and it has generated over 700 comments and 6k shares.

The image was created using A.I. You can check out other images below.

Newport Menthol
Newport Menthol beer

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