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Who is Sgt Jose Perez? Miami Beach Police who kicked handcuffed suspect promoted to sergeant

According to sources, Miami Beach Police who kicked handcuffed suspect was promoted to sergeant



Sgt Jose Perez/WPLG Local10

Sgt. Jose Perez, A Miami Beach police officer, was seen kicking a man in the head in a surveillance video from the Royal Palm Hotel. The cop has reportedly been promoted to the rank of sergeant. 

Kevin Perez, another of the five cops facing assault charges in connection with the July 26 incident, was engaged in a tragic police-involved shooting on Miami Beach a year and a half ago.

According to local10 News, Kevin Perez (not related to Sgt. Jose Perez) fired 14 shots at a knife-wielding man. One of the shots struck a fellow cop, who was afterward exonerated of any involvement.

Officer Robert Sabatar is accused of assaulting witness Khalid Vaughn at the Royal Palm Hotel last Monday while Vaughn was recording the arrest on his mobile phone.

When Vaughn is forcefully thrown to the ground and pummeled repeatedly, he appears to obey instructions to back away.

Officers David Rivas and Steven Serrano are also accused of using excessive force.

As the inquiry proceeds, all five policemen have been removed of their duties.

Miami Beach made it “unlawful for any person, after receiving a warning, to approach or remain within 20 feet of a law enforcement officer engaged in the lawful performance of any legal duty.”

Provoking, harassing, or interfering with a cop’s activities is illegal, however, the video released Monday shows the witness Vaughn doing none of those things.

“This is by no means at all a reflection of the dedicated men and women of the Miami Beach Police Department,” Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements said Monday. “Moving forward, I can tell you that my staff and I promise you, as individuals and as an agency, that we will learn from this. And we will grow from this.”

Officers clearly need additional training, according to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

“What we really know we need to do in training is really explain the duty to intervene, a duty to de-escalate, a duty to report,” she said. “They’re not just words. They have to be trained. There’s a cultural shift that needs to occur.”


Who is Giulia Lucenti? 16-year-old girl dies after Vaccine



Giulia Lucenti

A girl identified as Giulia Lucenti,16, has been confirmed dead on Thursday, after the administration of the second dose of Pfizer vaccine.

According to reports, Ms. Giulia Lucenti had her second Pfizer mRNA injection on Wednesday, September 8 at 5:45 p.m. local time.

The Galilei Institute student had mitral (bicuspid) valve prolapse, a congenital cardiac abnormality.

Giulia Lucenti Symptoms

Giulia Lucenti funeral in the parish church of Bastille

After taking the vaccine, Giulia was under medical supervision precisely as a result of her congenital pathology. She was still in good health.

“With the first injection she had no discomfort,” Her father said.

Lorenzo Lucenti said after the second injection, his daughter had a slight ache in her arm.

Giulia Lucenti Autopsy

On September 12th, Giulia’s body was subjected to an autopsy examination, as requested by the parents.

Friends and family mourn 16-year-old girl Giulia Lucenti death

The diagnostic autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death of the young woman, who had no known medical issues.

Giulia parents, Lorenzo and Oxana said their daughter was affected from birth by a prolapse of the mitral valve, but as reported by her cardiologist, Dr. Stefano Tondi, “She could not define herself as a girl with heart disease, but a very healthy young woman who led a normal life”.

Oxana who is social health worker found her daughter lifeless on the chair. After several attempts to revive her, Giulia was still not responsive.

Giulia Lucenti and her mother Oxana/ Image credit: ilrestodelcarlino

“I thought she was asleep. Her face was serene, her body temperature normal, her hands and face warm, a sign that she had recently died, in the period from 13.30 to 14.50” Oxana said.

The worried mother said she tried giving her daughter a heart massage with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She later called 118 for help.

I yelled on the phone to hurry up because my daughter didn’t it showed signs of life, but unfortunately, from Nonantola to Bastille, the ambulance took about twenty minutes “. She said.

Oxana her 16-year-old daughter was reluctant about taking the vaccine “because from an early age she screamed at the sight of a syringe”.

Giulia Lucenti bastiglia funeral

“Giulia was a healthy girl, she had only a very slight imperfection in the mitral valve,” Her mother said. “she did not take any drugs, she led a very normal life”.

Before her death, Giulia aspired to work in the field of robotics overseas. The young girl was laid to rest in Bastille on September 15th.

The funeral took place in the parish church of Bastille.

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