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What Happened To Cassidy Murray? Learn More



Cassidy Murray boat accident

Cassidy Murray is a seventh-grader at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a Milton resident. What Happened To Cassidy Murray?

Cassidy Murray

According to press reports, the 13-year-old Massachusetts girl perished in a watercraft accident while on holiday in Aruba with her family.

The boating accident happened on Wednesday, March 23rd.

“It is with broken hearts that we share the news of the tragic passing of our daughter, Cassidy,” the Murray family said in a statement.

“Cassidy’s beautiful spirit, genuinely kind heart, bright mind, and joyful zest for life will be profoundly missed by all who knew and loved her.”

Cassidy Murray

Murray’s classmates, friends, and family have paid tribute to her since her tragic death.

“Cassidy left an indelible impression on her peers and the faculty and staff at both the Glover Elementary School which she attended prior to Pierce Middle School.”Milton Public Schools Superintendent James Jette said in a statement.

“There are no words to describe the tragic loss of this vibrant young girl who had so much to offer and her whole life ahead of her.”

Jennifer Pierce, head of school for Buckingham Browne & Nichols School also said in a statement.

“Cassidy had a special gift for uniting classmates with her smile, laugh and genuine kindness. People just gravitated to her, drawn by her great sense of fun and camaraderie.”

She added: “She wasted no time creating her own unique mark on the MS campus. Her ever-present smile, infectious laugh, and upbeat personality knit together any group she was a part of.

“Classmates gravitated to her because of her genuine kindness and quiet modesty. Her friends knew from the very first week of school that she would be a trusted, warm confidant with a great sense of fun and camaraderie.”

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