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Mamalindy: Who’s Lindy and Jlo on Tiktok?



Lindy and Jlo

Lindy and Jlo are popular on Tiktok for their various family videos. The duo is also known as ‘mamalindy’.

Lindy and Jlo family
Photo Credit: lindy_and_jlo (Instagram)

Lindy and Jlo (Jarrett Lowery) have 7.1 million followers and 201.6 million likes on TikTok.

Lindy and Jlo tiktok
Photo Credit: lindy_and_jlo (Instagram)

Mamalindy is happily married to her husband. The couple has two children, a boy and a daughter, and they live a pleasant life full of pranks as a family of four.

The couple uses Confetti Cannon for their pranks.

Lindy and Jlo son
Photo Credit: lindy_and_jlo (Instagram)

Lindy and Jlo have 1.8million followers on Instagram and 18.4K subscribers on Youtube.

Lindy and Jlo Net Worth

As of 2022, Lindy and Jlo Net Worth is approximately $300 thousand.

Watch the latest prank video below.

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