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Midwesternmama29: Who is Tiktok Monica Brady?



Monica Brady tiktok

People are getting famous on Tiktok these days. Let’s take a view into the life of TikTok star Monica Brady also known as Midwesternmama29.

The Michigan mom who has 3.8 Million Followers on Tiktok has been able to gather a good fan base with her numerous products and kitchen videos.

In one of her recent posts, she posted a video cleaning and refilling the fridge snack drawer. “Clean and refill the fridge snack drawer with me..” She captioned. The video got more than 100k views in less than 15 hours.

Monica Brady Daughters/Instagram

Monica Brady Husband

The name of Monica Brady’s husband is unknown at this time but the two-parent has 3 beautiful girls together.

Monica Brady family/Instagram

The family has been on several vacations together as seen on Monica’s Instagram.

However, Monican began posting TikTok videos before the covid-19 lockdown in late 2019. Her freshly cleaned kitchen and dining room were shown in one of her first videos.

She has 247k followers on Instagram.

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