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We have King Von ‘Too Real’ Lyrics & Video Here



King Von Too Real Lyrics

King Von has released a new song titled “Too Real” and we have the full lyrics of the song from the artiste.

King Von Too Real Lyrics

Check out the complete Too real Lyrics below.

Man, these ni**as h*** (H**)
I already know (I know)
Tell him drop the lo' (What?)
He gon' get exposed (Get exposed)
Too real, I cannot go (I can't)
Plus, I keep a pole (Keep my pole)
My chain white and gold (White and gold)
Wrist so cold, I'll make it snow (Make it snow)
Rap beef turn to h**icide (Uh-huh)
You diss then we gon' slide (What? Huh?)
He got shot but he ain't die (What?)
Sike, you know he died (Uh-huh)
I fell back and got my bands up (Uh-huh)
Still, I'll make you put your hands up (Put your hands up)
I'm with Edogg, he gon' blam somethin' (Uh-huh)
Free D.Rose, he ain't tell nothin'

How you real? Your homie just got killed (How?)
And you still ain't did nothin' (What?)
You the type to get booked and tell on your friends (What?)
And act like you ain't said nothin' (Damn, damn)
I'll be damned, ni**as know who I am (They know)
We got the call and spinned the van, we call it 2 A.M (Let's go) (Let's go)
Ni**as think it's sweet (What? What?)
Since I got rich like I won't shoot at them (Boom, boom)
I'm on the block, still a broke ni**a bitch (Yeah)
Boy, I don't give a shit
Ice so cold I make her sick, know who my dentist is
I done shot so many men (What?), I think I'm 50 Cent (I think I am)
I ask once, won't ask again (I won't), know who you dealin' with
If I c**k once, won't crack again (I won't)
Ain't with that feelin' shit (Nah, nah, nah)

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