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Who is Mollysnowcone? Bio




If you have been on Instagram lately, you would have heard about Mollysnowcone also known as Molly Snowcone.

We will be sharing all of the information you need to know about her.

Who is Mollysnowcone?


Molly Snowcone is a content creator (@mollysnowcone) that is popular on Instagram.

She has over 15k followers on the platform.

Mollysnowcone is also on Onlyfans.

She is confined to a wheelchair in the majority of her videos.

Snowcone was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia when she was 10 years old.

She began to lose her balance and would frequently fall. She was unable to walk long distances and developed a heart murmur.

This resulted in her being diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia.

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