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OF London charge on credit card and bank statement: What it’s about



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You are not the only one getting the OF London charge on your credit card. There have been several reports of suspicious and unauthorized charges from different people.

Continue reading below to learn more about what the charge is all about.

OF London charge

The charge is from the Onlyfans company based in London, United Kingdom.

The reason why you are getting the charge is probably because you used your credit card on the onlyfans website or it was used by someone close to you.

Many people are uncomfortable sharing or knowing that the bank knows they use or subscribe to Onlyfans. There is no other way to conceal your Onlyfans transaction from your bank. The statement is generated based on the signal received from the company from which you are purchasing anything online.

Know that there is no shame in showing your credit card statement to anyone. Even if I subscribe to any Onlyfans creator, I would be comfortable sharing my credit card statement with my family. Remember, Onlyfans is more than just a content platform. There are writers and influencers of all types present. The bank is always professional when it comes to credit card statements.

Wrap Up

If you don’t remember subscribing to the Onlyfans internet content subscription service, it could be fraud in play. You should report the charges to your bank or credit card company.

Be aware that fraudsters often make a small dollar transaction to check if a card is active. After getting approval, they start selling the numbers on the underground market. Minor unauthorized purchases are frequently a sign that the card has been compromised, so you should lock your card right away.

Are you seeing the charge on your credit card and bank statement? Check out what to do.

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