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Brainstrout charge on credit card and bank statement: What it’s about




Are you seeing a Brainstrout charge on your credit card and bank statement? You are not alone on this. There have been several reports of unauthorized and suspicious charges from the company.

We will be writing a short review about the charge and what you should do. Continue reading below.

Brainstrout charge on credit card

We did some research on the Brainstrout company and found few details, so we concluded it was a scam website.

According to their website, Brainstrout is a customer support company. They “specialize in covering all of your customer service needs including but not limited to technical issues, billing information and updates, cancellation of memberships, and retrieving lost passwords.”

However, we found lots of red flags about the company. No social media page, No address, low domain authority, domain age (It was registered in 2020), and they claim to be one of the “leading customer support systems in the world handling hundreds of websites you may have memberships with”. which we don’t find to be true.

Brainstrout stolen images

Also, after conducting a reverse image search on the photos on the website, we discovered that they have been used on other scam websites.

What to do

If you don’t remember dealing with this company, you should report the charge to your credit card company or your bank.

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