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Caliph academy charge on credit card: What it’s about



Caliph academy

Numerous people have reported receiving Caliph academy credit card charges that were unauthorized and seemed suspicious. We will be sharing details about the Caliph academy charge on credit card and what it’s all about.

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Caliph academy charge on credit card

Our investigation has led us to the conclusion that Caliph Academy is a scam.

Caliph academy whois

Caliph Academy is located in Malaysia, and the domain was registered in March 2022. It’s supposedly offering online training in IT and digital marketing, but it’s hosted on Wix, so we doubt it’s any kind of legitimate online class.

The Caliph academy also does not have any social media profiles. The social media link on the website is not functional. The website has lots of red flags

Are you a victim of the Caliph academy charge on credit card?

You need to dispute the charge, otherwise, they will continue to charge you.

To be safe, call and report the charges to your bank or credit card provider and inquire about the precautions you can take to secure your account.

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