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Is Your Sugar daddy asking for a clearance fee for PayPal payment?




This is a clear scam and it should be avoided.

Sugar daddies are older and wealthier individuals who want to use their wealth to find love. There are several platforms where you can find a legit Sugar daddy but you are bound to meet scammers who want to steal your money.

There are different methods you can receive money from your sugar daddy (Paypal, Cashapp, and the likes) but when you are being asked to pay a clearance fee that’s a scam.

A rich or wealthy sugar daddy should not ask you to send money or pay a clearance fee before payment can be sent.

See some examples of the Paypal clearance scam below.

I have someone claiming I won a giveaway and they want to send me a very large amount of money. Originally they wanted to use cash app but Canadians don’t have cash app so I suggested pay pal. Now they are saying I have to pay a clearance fee of 100$ USD to receive the thousands they want to give away. They are known as high key giveaways, a social media company? Can anyone help.

Another said;

Someone internationally was going to transfer me 4-digit cash in dollars using business account, but is asking me to pay $40 dollars for the clearance fee so I can receive it already. Is it legit or am I scammed? The sender is from US, receiver from Philippines. Looking forward to replies. Thank you.

All these are scams. Use the comment section below if you have experienced this.

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