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5 Ways You Can Scare A Scammer and Make Them Run Off



how to scare a scammer

Have you been getting several messages and calls from a scammer and you are looking for ways to scare him away? Continue reading below.

Scammers are everywhere on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and lots more). They look for people who will fall for their tricks so they can cart away with their money.

You can get a random message on Facebook or Instagram from someone talking about love and how he wants to be in a relationship with you but at the end of the day, he only wants your money.

Check out ways on how you can scare a scammer away below.

Tell Them You Work With The FBI

When a scammer contacts you, the first question they ask is about your relationship status and about your job.

You can simply them you work with the FBI and you get to see their reaction. Most of them will run off and never call and text you again.

Scammers are scared of the FBI and will not want to get arrested.

Fool Them Into Falling

You can make a scammer think you are falling for his tricks during a text or call. This will make the scammer happy.

You can go on and on with the scammer but make sure not to send him money, personal ID, or bank details. In the long run, the scammer will get angry and see you are ‘useless’.

You can also fool the scammer by giving him sweet replies, asking for his pictures, and even sometimes picking up his call but refusing to send him anything. He will run away from you and try looking for other victims.

Track The Scammer

I love this part.

You can send the scammer a trackable link to know his location, IP address, and some other details.

Once you get his information you can tell him you know where he lives and scare him about the FBI coming to his house to arrest him.

He will get scared and never contact you again.

Give the Scammer A One Word Reply

Scammers love to enter into a long conversation with their victims to get information about the victim’s private life. Some of them have some expertise in the field.

Whenever you are texting or on a phone with a scammer, you can scare the scammer away by giving him a one-word reply.

Words like, “Yes”, “Fine”,”Good”, “Ok”, “Bye”, “Why”, “Nice”, “No” and so on. This will send the scammer away from you.

Act Poor

Acting poor can send a scammer away.

No scammer wants to deal with a poor victim. They love working-class victims who have cars, houses, and lots of money.

When you tell a scammer you don’t have a job or you are disabled they run off. Well, note that some of them will still stick around trying to get your personal ID cards and bank information details.

Tell them you have no bank account or you have lost your ID for more than 2 or 3 years or you don’t know where it is. They will flee from you.

Wrap Up

I will be stopping here for now. You can use the comment section below to share your view on scammers and how you think they can be stopped.

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