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Princess Connect Re: Dive Season 2 Release Date & Trailer



The release date and trailer of the Anime movie, Princess Connect Re: Dive season 2 is out.

On February 15, 2018, Princess Connect Re: Dive was launched in Japan for Android and iOS smartphones. Princess Connect, which was published on February 18, 2015, and terminated service in June 2016, was confirmed as a sequel in August 2016.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Season 2 Release Date

  • Princess Connect Re: Dive season 2 is set to premiere in January 2022.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Season 2 Trailer

Crunchyroll describes the story of Princess Connect! Re: Dive as follows:

In the beautiful land of Astraea where a gentle breeze blows, a young man named Yuuki awakens with no memory of his past. There he encounters a guide who has sworn to care for him—Kokkoro, a lovely swordswoman who’s always feeling peckish—Pecorine, and a cat-eared sorceress with a prickly attitude—Karyl. Led by fate, these four come together to form the “Gourmet Guild.” And so their adventure begins…

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is directed by Takaomi Kanasaki and Yasuo Iwamoto and features animation production by CygamesPictures.


Ganbare, Douki-Chan anime announced (Release Date)



On Twitter, illustrator Yomu announced that their Ganbare, Douki-chan (Senpai is Mine) comic is getting a web anime adaptation.

“Ganbare Synchronous-chan” will be animated!” Yomu Tweeted.

Ganbare, Douki-Chan Release Date

The release date and time of Ganbare dōki-chan anime have not been announced yet. We will keep you updated on the latest news about the web anime.

Yomu was originally the inspiration for the 2019 anime Miru Tights.

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