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How I Met Your Father: Who is the Father?



how i met your father who is the father

Who really is the father in “How I met your father movie”? Well, it could be Jesse, Ian, Charlie, or Sid. Let’s see what people are saying on Reddit.

Warning: The article contains spoilers for Episodes 1-2 of How I Met Your Father

The series follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, How I Met Your Mother, in terms of the format.

We flash back to younger Sophie, played by Hilary Duff, as she reflects on her love life. Sophie is running late for a Tinder date with the man she believes to be her soulmate. She gets in an Uber and meets Jesse (Chris Lowell) and his closest friend Sid (Suraj Sharma).

Sophie tells Jesse and Sid that she’s been texting Ian (Daniel Augustin), her dream boyfriend, for weeks. Despite the fact that they have never met in person, she is confident he is the ‘one.’

Sid reveals to Sophie that he intends to propose to his girlfriend by deceiving her into believing they are going to a Beyonce concert. Instead, he intends to propose to her at Pemberton’s, the bar he owns.

After Sophie exits the Uber, Sid confronts Jesse about his crush on her. Jesse is adamantly opposed to it. Later on, we learn that Jesse attempted to propose to his ex-girlfriend, but she declined, and his epic fail proposal went viral. He was called ‘Mr Proposal Fail’.

sophie ian date night

Meanwhile, Sophie’s first date with Ian turned sour as he mentioned moving to Australia later that evening.

Who is the Father?

After the first episode S01E01 (Pilot), Older Sophie said the night she was with Ian, Jesse, and his friend Sid was the night she met her ‘husband’. This is got people wondering who the father is.

What we think

Going by the list of guys present that night, we will go with Jesse. Yes obviously.

We think the two have chemistry because we are quite sure she met Sid and Jesse for the first time in that cab, then Ian in the pub, and then Charlie at her flat. Although she only mentioned that was the day she met your father, it’s likely Jesse.

How I Met Your Father fomo

We think Jesse and Sophie will eventually be together.

What Reddit Thinks

There have been lots of discussions on Reddit about who the father may be.

@Relevant-Income-8102 wrote:

“One thing I’d like to point out that I haven’t seen mentioned, we don’t actually know for a fact that the kid is biologically hers and his. For all we know she gets married to one of them or someone else entirely but then raises another one’s kid for some reason.”

@Snowisavior said:

“In the second episode, Sophie wears a purple sweater to the club while she’s making the mistake of holding on to a relationship that won’t work with Ian. When they go back to the bar later Sophie keeps her jacket on covering up her sweater, signaling her change of heart. I haven’t seen any obvious yellow calling cards yet, but it certainly seems like they’re keeping the purple theme for doomed relationships from the original series.

If I had to make a prediction from just these two episodes the father will be one of two things and to preface, I don’t think the father and Sophie are married or together in 2050. The first prediction is that the father is Jesse, but Sophie and him either divorce or never marry. The second prediction is that the Father is actually a surrogate that Sophie picked from one of her friends on the bridge, and her actual partner was not present during the bridge scene. There are a lot of parallels between the original series and these two predictions, especially if her partner in the future ends up being Ian, somewhat mirroring Ted and Robin at the end of the original.”

@EllieSaxon said:

“I don’t know why, but I suspect Sid. Jessie is being broadcast too strongly. Ian is too much of the “fell in love on the first date” thing they did with Ted and Robin. Charlie is a possibility, but I’m just not feeling it.

Sid and his fiancee are being set up to make us think they’re Marshall and Lilly, but the long distance is going to prove to be too much. But he’ll be a romantic who believes true love exists and so does Sophie.

This is all just wild speculation based on me HOPING they don’t follow the same HIMYM tropes. More likely they’ll see who viewers vibe with, then make him”.

@Ok_Stop1918 said:

“I was thinking that it’s one of the four guys they showed after she said and that’s the night I met your father.

Edit: I was wondering why they’re showing the mom in the future and not the kids but now it makes sense.

If they show the kid we can narrow down who the father is. If the kid is white it would have to be Jesse or the British guy. I can’t remember his name right now.

If the kid is mixed it would be Ian or jesses best friend.”

@Pheebscrossing said:

“I really want her to end up with Jesse though. I mean my thought was that maybe Charlie was the father and she end up with Jesse, but honestly, that´s weird since he dated/dates her friend. ofc it´s a tv show and happened in the original as well.”

@fancynancyjoy said:

“I really feel like the father could Ian/Charlie/Sid in an accidental one-night stand type of thing kinda like in Friends with Ross & Rachel’s baby. But the story is really about how Jesse is the love of her life, just like how that was the real story with HIMYM.”

@CMacias94 said:

“Jesse seems like the obvious answer, but I could see them doing a swerve. At this point all the other male characters are viable options, it could also be somebody she met offscreen like she got super drunk at the guy’s apartment and doesn’t remember meeting somebody else in the night. Could also be some random person at the airport too.”

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