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Bill Morgan: Australian Man Who Won 250k Lottery after waking from Coma



bill morgan

I will be reviewing a story about Bill Morgan, An Australian man who won a 250k lottery after waking up from a coma.

Can we say Bill cheated death? A few days before he won the lottery money, Bill survived a car crash and heart attack before he fell into a coma.

What happened to Bill Morgan in 1998?

Bill was brought to the hospital after a massive heart attack and given medicine to which he had a severe adverse response.

He lapsed into a coma when his heart stopped for 14 minutes.

Doctors considered turning off his life support system, but he was instead transported to another hospital, where he was saved.

bill morgan 3

Bill awoke from his coma 12 days later, with all of his bodily functions intact. He not only survived, but he also went on a year of unbelievable luck.

Morgan then married the woman of his dreams and won not one, but two lottery prizes. He proposed to his fiancée, Lisa Wells, a year after his heart stopped beating. Yes, she said.

He then bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won a $17,000 automobile. Morgan’s good fortune drew the attention of a Melbourne television station, which decided to film a feature on him and re-enact his scratching of the ticket.

bill 2

Wells won a $170,000 prize while the cameras were rolling (250,000 Australian dollars). At the time, he intended to use the funds to purchase a home for his fiancée.

“I just won 250,000. I am not joking. I just won 250,000. Please don’t film me,” he said.

Lady Luck had struck again, and Bill was having a hard time dealing with it.

“I don’t believe this is happening. I think I will have another heart attack. Oh gosh!” He added.

Watch Bill winning the lottery below.

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