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Is Giant Lawn Worm Real or Fake?

What’s the Giant Lawn Worm all about? Learn more.



giant lawn worm

The giant lawn worm is actually fake, not a real worm.

There is a viral video of a man pulling out what seemed like a giant worm.

The video, which was shared on YouTube, has received over 13.7 million views.

It has also generated a number of reactions on social media.

Watch the video below.

Giant Lawn Worm video

What is a Lawn Worm?

A lawn worm is not a real-life worm.

It is a compressed log of dirt and roots that has accumulated over time.

It can also be a soggy tree root system in a storm drain system.

Tim The Lawnmower Man pulling out a giant lawn worm

In the video, the man was pulling out the roots that filled and clogged the pipe.

Is Giant Lawn Worm Real or Fake?

The giant lawn worm is a fake. It is not a real worm, so don’t freak out.

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