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‘Warisi’ Trend & Meaning: New Slang goes viral




There is a trending song/slang in Nigeria called ‘Warisii’. What’s the meaning?

Warisi is a name of a person in Nigeria, especially in the Yoruba tribe. The trend started after a group of boys were videoed hailing their friend (Warisi) who was wearing a footwear with light all over it.

There have been several reactions on Twitter following the viral video. “This 9ja ehn na mumu thing dey quick enter pesin head , which one be wa wa wa warisii wey just dey pesin head since.” One said.

Another said: “my mom is watching that warisii’s video & she’s asking me why is his shoes shining … lmaooo , how I wan take know sis ? I’m as shook as you are”.

The Warisii video has gotten over 50k views since it was shared on social media.

The Warisi trend is coming few weeks after Zazu Zeh became a trending topic.

Warisi By Dj YK

A beat titled “Warisi Cruise Beat” was created by DJ Yk and its going viral.

Stay Tuned for “Warisi Lyrics”.

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