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LOVE: When did you know that your relationship was over?



How do you really know when your relationship has hit the rocks? Ride with us on this discussion.

According to wikipedia, An intimate connection is one in which there is physical or emotional connection between two people.

Love is a strong tie formed between two people that goes beyond emotion, desire, passion, or friendship. Respect, trust, honesty, integrity, closeness, chemistry, and collaboration are all profound mutual expressions.

A Reddit user @u/FIDEL_CASHFLOW18 sparked up reactions after he brought up a story on how he noticed his relationship was over.

Some agreed with the user while many disagreed.

The Reddit user said: “For me, it was when my girlfriend stopped doing all of the silly stuff. She used to bang on the door when she knew I was taking a dump or pinch my butt when she’d walk by. Once I realized she had stopped doing that I started noticing other things as well and that lead to the realization that she was already mentally checked out.”

Another user also shared his experience:

“We used to cram in to the little ensuite bathroom and brush our teeth beside each other, chatting as we did. We did this every night for years.

Suddenly one day she said she needed more space and asked me to wait until she was done. It took 4 more months for us to split up, but she was done then.”

Another user gave a different view on the discussion:

“I’m sorry you experienced this mate. For anyone else experiencing the same thing, I wanted to provide an alternate view.

I’m the one that asked my gf for a little more space while brushing my teeth and whatnot. I just wanted a little time to myself as we already spend almost all day together (during lockdown especially). Sometimes people need their own time and space to think or not think and recover. Maybe that’s a few minute’s brushing their teeth, or its a few hours on a weekend.

Basically, if you think you’re experiencing this, this change doesn’t always mean you’re drifting apart. But it could be one of many indications.”

What To DO

If you’re still in love and want your relationship to endure, get therapy to improve your communication and understanding. Obstacles exist in all relationships.

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