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Woodys 2 LLC at “45 irby ave Atlanta” trends on Tiktok (Details)



Woody CheeseSteaks

Woodys 2 LLC, 45 Irby Ave NW Atlanta, GA is trending on Tiktok after a woman reported a racist act.

What Happened?

A customer’s name was listed as “Darky” in the point-of-sale system and on her receipt.

Woodys receipt

Woody’s refused to change it when she requested it.

When she instead requested a refund and a cancellation of her order, Woody’s refused to accommodate her, even under the circumstances.

The customer narrated:

Woodys customer

“I just had a very racist situation, just happened to me right here in Buckhead

“I place my order

“What is your name? I said, Darlene

“This joker put Darkie DARKY,

“why would you call me Darkie?

“Don’t worry about it.

“Don’t worry about it.

“I Know your name is Darlene

“I said, so why didn’t you put Darlene?

“Why did you put Darkie?

“And he was like, don’t worry about it

“It’s just. That’s just for me. I’m like, what is

“I don’t want to be called Darkie

“So cancel my order and give me my money back.

“He says, I’m not doing that.

“I don’t give money back

“I don’t give refunds

“When he called my name, he said, Darling,

“I came up,

“I said, please give me my receipt

“And he said,

“it’s nothing.

“I’m like now, you put Darkie,

“and I’m a black woman.

“That is extremely insensitive.

“And I asked to change it

“And you told me you wouldn’t change it.

“I asked you to give me my money back cause I don’t want the food

“You said you don’t give refunds.

“I said, you know, had you been a little bit apologetic, had you shown a little bit of humanity in this,

“I wouldn’t do what I’m about to do”

Has the Woody’s CheeseSteaks worker been fired?

This can not be confirmed at this time. 

Woody’s CheeseSteaks Reviews

On Yelp, there have been several reactions and negative reviews about the company.

Your customer service is malarkey! NEVER address a paying customer as a Darkey.” One said.

Another said; “This racist business does not deserve customers. Businesses need to learn to treat ALL their customers with respect.“.

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