A Reddit user who is an independent contractor narrates how capital one bank froze his bank account after he received his Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. u/VacationMelodic wrote: “I’m an independent contractor through doordash/uber. I applied for and received the 9k grant and also a 3k PPP loan. It went […]

Some users who went through Blueacorn are trying to change their bank account information on their PPP loan application but it seems impossible. The whole issue started last week after some people got their PPP loan rejected by chime bank. This made users worried but when the Blue acorn company […]

Rydel and Capron Funk has finally revealed the name of their first son. Rydel and Capron have been dating since 2019, and they got engaged in February of 2020, as they announced on their YouTube channel. They got married in August 2020. On October 23rd, The couple announced that they […]

A woman was shot in broad day light on Friday after she rejected a man’s love advances towards her. “I was sleeping it was so early I just heard like 5 shots and that’s what woke me that was my alarm clock,” a tenant in a nearby apartment complex, Leshon […]

 Covid-19 targeted EIDL Advance Reconsideration mechanism seems to have been implemented. The Targeted EIDL Advance is an emergency grant that provides working capital to businesses and nonprofits located in a low-income community, that suffered a reduction in revenue of greater than 30%, and have 300 orfewer employees. EIDL Advance funds […]

Does the unemployment office really have access to your bank accounts? There have been several questions surrounding the unemployment department been able to check a claimant’s bank account before and after one is been issued a check. A bank account is just “a financial account maintained by a bank in which […]

Some eligible Californians have started to receive the $600 Golden State Stimulus payments. On Feb. 23, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the Golden State Stimulus plan into law. Those who qualify must have filed their 2020 taxes, lived in California for more than half of the 2020 tax year, be a resident of […]