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How Much Money Do Finance Youtubers Make In A Day?



Finance Youtubers
Photo Credit: Graham Stephan/Youtube

Wow, there is serious money on Youtube.

We will be sharing information on the amount of money finance YouTubers make in a day. Continue reading below to check out the mind-blowing figures.

Let’s just say it’s a lot of fun to watch folks have fun with their families and friends, or cooks prepare recipes that we will never get perfect, no matter how hard we try!

There’s no denying that Youtube is the next TV, but it never seemed to me that a Youtuber could earn lots of money per day.

Finance YouTubers can earn as much as $1,000 -$7,000 per day from ads. They also earn from brand sponsorships, and affiliate marketing among others.

Note that: Creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to begin earning money directly from YouTube. They can apply for YouTube’s Partner Program after they achieve that threshold, which allows creators to start monetizing their channels through adverts, subscriptions, and channel memberships.

This is mind-blowing because it is always assumed that the money is in blogging and niche websites. it’s generally known on the internet that blogs have a higher CPM than YouTube.

So, specialized niche websites are clearly more profitable than Youtube, as a $25 CPM is significantly higher than the $4 CPM that most Youtubers earn.

But then we saw a YouTube video that really blew our heads.

In the video, one of the most popular finance Youtubers (Graham Stephan) demonstrates how much money he makes in 28 days, which is $170,454.76. However, what got our attention was that he made $7,688.85 in one day.

In 2021, Graham Stephan made $2,035,510.70 with 109.1 million views. He had 3.6 million subscribers at that time.

Andrei Jikh, a YouTube creator who makes videos about personal finance and cryptocurrency, told INSIDER he has made over $1 million through ads on YouTube.

Andrei Jikh’s YouTube channel made over $100,000 in ad revenue in his first year. He’s now earned more in a month than he did in less than three years.

With 126 million views, Jikh’s channel has earned over $1.6 million in AdSense income since 2019. INSIDER verified his earnings. His YouTube account has earned $853,000 so far in 2021, and he’s earned between $50,000 and $125,000 per month in ad revenue.

Another Youtuber, Nate O’Brien, has made over $1.2 million by making videos about personal finance, investment, and business.

Graham Stephan $8 million (2022 Updated)
Andrei Jikh $6 million (2022 Updated )
Nate O’Brien $2.5 million (2022 Updated )
Youtubers Net Worth 2022

We now fully see why Youtubers work so hard to provide us with content since if they are earning that much money, it is well worth it.

Although certain niches have larger CPMs than others, any niche can make good money with blogs if properly monetized. We assumed that YouTube creators with 10 million or more subscribers were the ones who made a lot of money.

Content can be monetized in a variety of ways. However, if Google Adsense, which pays less than other monetization strategies, is included, then some of these Youtube Creators’ monthly net income or net worth is unquestionably greater than $500,000 per month.

This could explain the huge numbers, but we now see how large Youtubers can afford homes, luxury automobiles, and other things thanks to their YouTube careers.

If you’ve been thinking about making Youtube videos, now is the time to get started.

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