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“I’m the most attacked freshman Member of Congress in US history” – Marjorie Taylor Greene says



Marjorie Taylor Greene

“I have been the most attacked freshman Member of Congress probably in United States history,” Greene said. “The media has defamed me. They have completely smeared my character. Called me names and labeled me horrible things, none of which I am. None of the things they have said are true about me.”

This is coming after the U.S. Congresswoman labeled the President of the United States and in fact every Democrat in the country “communists,”. “Joe Biden is a communist,” Greene declared on Thursday evening. “And that’s who the Democrats are – they’re communists.”

“You know, a lot of people are swallowing down the word ‘socialist,’ but that’s not a good enough word for Democrats – they are communists,” Greene told her supporters, clearly ignorant of the words’ meanings.

“That’s the word we need to keep using with them,” she continued. “Because they’re using these unprecedented, authoritarian, tyrannical controls on the American people to force people to comply.”

Watch the video below:

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