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Can I Do Sports during PEMF Therapy?




It has been known since ancient times that athletes from Russian and European regions participated in games recurrently, competition after competition. What was the tool that helped them recover fast from muscle inflammation and injury? It was PEMF. The Eastern Europeans were working using PEMF for three decades. PEMF devices help stimulate the muscles, which is the basic principle behind them.

How Does PEMF Help in Sports?

The therapy uses the electrical charges of the body, helping heal the tissues and cells of the body. That helps in relieving stress, reducing lactic acid, and muscle soreness in the body. A lot of professional athletes all over the world now use this technique to recover from their training. This is why it is perfectly normal, and beneficial even to use PEMF therapy when you take part in sports.

PEMF therapy helps athletes in enhancing as well as recover their performance from injury quite rapidly. Now, it is quite known that PEMF therapy helps the body get an energy boost. What’s more, PEMF therapy helps in improving standing balance, which indicates a better adaptive nervous system as well as more tuned muscles. All such benefits help athletes get to their optimum fitness and performance goals.

What is the Evidence behind PEMF for Sports?

The electromagnetic fields help the muscles get more oxygen in the body which helps in improving endurance as well as muscle performance in the body. The stimulation of muscles with PEMF is quite comfortable even in the higher frequencies. They help in improving overall torque muscle contractions at peak levels up to a mark of 215%.

People may report 60 to 70% of overall improvement in their fitness and performance in sports right after some weeks of PEMF therapy. It is considered to be a huge difference in the overall competition level. It is because winning and losing are easily determined with a narrow difference, even 1%. 

Muscles of the body work better and for a longer time. Also, their recovery is also quicker with the use of PEMF stimulation. Especially, if the muscles have undergone spasm, PEMF stimulation can be a source to stimulate nitric oxide release.

Reduction of Muscle Injury Risk and Healing

There is scientific evidence showing positive effects for athletes with the use of this therapy, and now more and more scientific studies are working on finding the causation. As these devices help in the stimulation of the natural healing of the body as well as functions related to self-regulation, PEMF therapy is useful for optimizing recovery time, and athletic performance, and reducing the overall risk of muscle injury.

There is evidence demonstrating that PEMFs help in the stimulation of a process known as the phosphorylation of myosin, which helps in the production of energy in the muscles. This process produces the energy molecule ATP which is important for overall functioning. In the depletion of ATP, the muscles tend to get weak. During sports, the body is prone to losing ATP. The best way to recover these ATP molecules is to take a rest. Also, PEMF therapy helps in restoring this ATP through the stimulation of myosin phosphorylation which reduces the recovery time from the injury.

Protection of Heat Stress Protein

Vigorous athletic training also influences heat stress proteins or heat shock proteins in the body. On heating, the cells are prone to damage, which results in heat shock protein. PEMF and other stimulation techniques help in inducing heat shock proteins prior to any tissue damage in the body. That is the reason why cardiac surgeons utilize such stimulations to protect the heart from damage after open heart surgery.

Participating in sports usually means there lies a risk of getting your muscles injured. Generally, such injuries result from improper methods of training or the overuse of your body muscles. In that course, PEMF therapy helps in protecting your body against damage by improving the recovery rate.

How to Choose PEMF Devices for Athletes?

It doesn’t get cost-effective to get therapies from elsewhere again and again, and that is why you may find it more convenient to invest in a PEMF device. A portable system working on batteries is the best for more athletes as they have to change locations. A PEMF device that helps stimulate your electrical charges to recover your muscle cells is the best. The PEMF device, when used as a preventative measure, can help increase the overall training response from the body, mitigating the overall risk that comes from the injury.

Final Words

These are some points on using PEMF therapy if you do sports. For more info, you can visit healthyline outlet

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