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Sport Throwback: Gilberto fought with Jermaine Defoe over a free kick



Jermaine Defoe

In 2014, there was a minor incident during Toronto FC’s MLS match against the New York Red Bulls. Former West Ham and Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe and Toronto teammate Gilberto sparred over who should take a close-range free kick.

Defoe knocked the ball out of Gilberto’s hands and appeared to be on the verge of smacking his teammate; it was childish behavior.

Gilberto absolutely thumped in the dead ball, leaving Defoe looking a little silly.

It was a brutal strike, but the two lads eventually made amends.

Watch the video below.

Defoe retires

Former Tottenham, West Ham, and England striker Jermain Defoe retired at the age of 39, with a standing as a Premier League legend safely secured by a prolific frontman.

In a statement released on Twitter, Defoe said of calling time on his career: “After 22 years in the game, I have decided to retire from professional football. It’s been a really tough decision, and one I have discussed with my family and those closest to me.

“I made my professional debut at 17 years old in 1999, and I feel now is the right time to bow out. I have had an incredible journey, and have met some amazing people in the game.

“Football will always be in my blood, and it gives me great pride and satisfaction to look back on the blessed career that I’ve had. I now look forward to spending some quality time with my friends and family before moving forward on this next chapter in my career.

“Thank you to all the fans from each club I’ve played for. The love I have received and endured throughout my career will never be forgotten, and I will always have a special bond with you all.

“Thank you also to my amazing team-mates, coaches and staff for playing such an integral part in my career.

“Lastly, I want to say thank you to my mum. You gave me a ball at two years old and you made me believe my dream could happen. All that I am is because of you, and I owe everything to you and God.”

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