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Is Andrew Dawson Still Alive or Dead?



Andrew Dawson

Is Andrew Dawson alive or dead? the reports are unclear at this time. There have been several questions about his cause of death and obituary.

Who is Andrew Dawson?

Andrew Dawson is a Tiktoker who posted a video from the mountain in Alberta, Canada’s Jarpes National Park.

On the mountain, he displayed a human figure that appeared to be a giant.

The video has received 15 million views to date.

He hasn’t posted anything on the video-sharing platform since May 17, 2022. Read more about the TikToker Andrew Dawson.

Is Andrew Dawson Still Alive or Dead?

Andrew Dawson’s death is unclear.

Andrew died on July 1, 2022, according to an obituary published in the Campbell River Mirror, a local newspaper.

Andrew Dawson’s cause of death is unknown.

Andrew Dawson obituary death
Andrew Dawson obituary (November 4, 1987 – July 1, 2022)

While some TikTokers have continued to speculate about his disappearance, claiming the videos were never real in the first place, many others have expressed their condolences.

Many people still believe that this was all a ruse and that Andrew Dawson’s death was just a coincidence.

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