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Virginia rapper, Yvngxchris – ‘Blood On The Leaves’ (Video & Meaning)



Yvngxchris Blood On The Leaves

Yvngxchris ‘Blood On The Leaves’ official music video has been released.

In August, ‘Blood on the Leaves’ by Yvngxchris was trending on TikTok.  It was first uploaded to TikTok in June 2021 on Yvngxchris’ old TikTok account, which has now been deleted. 

Kanye West has a song with the same title and uses the same sample that was released in 2013. ‘Blood on the Leaves’ samples Nina Simone’s ‘Strange Fruit, which was first recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939 and a cover of Billie Holiday’s song of the same title. 

The meaning of the song is unknown at this time.

Yvngxchris ‘Blood On The Leaves’ Lyrics

Ayy, 2300 Beats going crazy)
Blood on the leaves

B*t*ch, I be killin’ these beats (Damn)
I got a M16 on my body, I told that lil’ n***a to (Freeze)
I got a badass bitch in the crib, lil’ ho just get on your knees (Freeze)
I seen that lil’ n***a up in the sky, so I just might shoot at the trees
Now we got blood on the leaves
Damn, that’s crazy as f*c*k. Read more.

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