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Atsushi “Atsushi101x” Quit Sharing of Spoilers, Leaves Twitter



Image Credit: Twitter

Atsushi “Atsushi101x” has quit Twitter because of Harassment and Entitlement.

“Unfollow if you want, I won’t be posting spoilers on Twitter anymore.” The statement said. “I do this to bring excitement and for my own fun. But this Harassment and entitlement is too much and not worth it. This, not a job, you don’t pay me, I don’t want you to pay me.”

“Mental health always comes first”, She added.

Shortly after the statement, Her Twitter account was deactivated.

Who is Atsushi101x?

She is known for sharing manga spoilers and other anime stuff.

In September she gave a rumour about ‘My Hero Academia’ series, saying it will take a sudden break in the next Shonen Jump magazine coming. However, it was confirmed true a few days after.

There have been several reactions after Atsushi quit Twitter.

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