What does Jordan mean on Tiktok? It all started when a TikToker called Jordan Da Boo said that he would start the “biggest inside joke on social media”. In a video shared he said: “Today is the big day ya’ll have been waiting for, today is the day we make […]

The Fat Face Filter on Tiktok is going viral and users are loving it. What is the Tiktok Fat Face Filter? As the name implies, The viral tiktok fat face filter makes your face bigger or chubby. With over 11.4M views, the hashtag #fatfacefilter and #fatfilter is becoming the latest […]

There is a quarrel going on between Burna Boy, Obafemi Martins (known as Obagoal), and CDQ that has spark reactions on Twitter. Nigerian rapper CDQ (real name Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf) on Monday, went on Twitter to call out the “African Giant” (Burna Boy) for disrespecting the Ex-Super Eagles star, Obafemi […]

Kevin Hart has a look-alike named “arabmoney44” on Tiktok and he is from Zambia. With over 190k followers on Tiktok, Kevin Hart doppelganger, John, has got Netizens reacting. “OMG did really @KevinHart4real know that he has a twin in Zambia. I was really blown away after seeing him” A fan […]

A leaked video of William Saliba is trending on Twitter and has made fans reacting. “People are asking why am i thinking about this? Bro the guy is right next to him in that vid like why???” A man wrote. The Snapchat video showed the Arsenal player, William, videoing his […]