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Trust Fall at Virginia State University pt 7 is so funny



Trust Fall at Virginia State Pt.7

There is a video of a Trust Fall at Virginia State University (VSU) that is making rounds on Twitter and Tiktok. Watch the part 7 clip below.

What is a Trust Fall?

A trust fall is a team-building activity in which a person intentionally falls and trusts the rest of the group (spotters) to catch them.

The trust fall comes in a variety of forms. In one kind, the group forms a circle with one person in the center, arms crossed across his chest, and the person falls in various directions, being brought back to a standing posture by the others before falling again. A person standing on an elevated position (such as a stage, stepping stool, or tree stump) and relying on many others to catch them is another variation. This version has the potential to be more harmful and frequently results in injury.

Tosh, a Comedy Central program, premiered in 2010. debuted a new type of trust fall called “surprise trust falls,” in which the host Daniel Tosh approached random individuals in public, shouted “Trust Fall!” and then fell into them.

Blake Grigsby revives the surprise trust fall concept two years later with the hit YouTube video “Trust Fall Attack.”

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