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Whose girlfriend is this? ‘Confident’ Lady fails Crate Challenge in the UK



Is this a milk crate or bread crate? A Lady who seems confident lost in the trending Crate Challenge in the UK.

The video which was shared on Tiktok by @9gz9gz showed a lady walking through a pile of crates with a drink can. The woman was cat walking confidently before she fell off the crates. The footage has sparked reactions on Twitter.

“UK is so funny bc even their crates got an accent,” One wrote. Another said: “at least we have free medical care if them ‘broke up themselves”.

A lady said: “I simply don’t have the courage to climb knowing I would fall and hurt myself. Coward much…..cheers to her for not letting that drink go tho”.

The video has amassed over 1 million views on Twitter.

What video below:

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