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What is the ‘daddy similarity test’ on TikTok all about?



Which of your parent do you resemble the most? Try the latest TikTok challenge known as ‘Dad Similarity Test’.

The month of June has been filled with different Tiktok challenges ranging from Couples Starburst Challenge and the viral Hello My Name Is Zuzie challenge.

A new one named ‘Dad Similarity Test’ has been added to the list.

What is Daddy similarity test on Tiktok?

The TikTok challenge involves matching a photo of yourself and your father with a filter to see how much you resemble him.

Are the results real?

NO, The outcomes aren’t correct. It’s all for fun.

The hashtag #dadsimilaritytest has been able to amass over 3.2 million views as it joins the list of popular trends in the month of June.

There have been several reactions following the Dad Similarity Test Trend. See some below:

“did that dad similarity test filter on TikTok and…. tell me why I got a higher score on jungkook THAN MY ACTUAL DAD UM,” One wrote.

Another said: “According to TikTok’s dad similarity test I look 0% like my dad”

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