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TikTok ‘aht aht aht’ Jokes Meaning (2022 Updated)



A new meme called “aht aht aht” is going viral on Tiktok and we have the meaning for the jokes.

The “aht aht” challenge which started in May 2021 has gotten over 2.3 million views on Tiktok and Twitter.

Different people from around the world share videos on social media as they take part in the ah ah ah TikTok dad jokes challenge. “dad jokes, I can spend hours watching the aht aht videos on TikTok” A lady said.

Another added: “Limao. I’ve discovered the Aht Aht section of TikTok. The dad jokes!! I hate to admit that I can’t breathe from laughter.”

What is the meaning of the “aht aht aht” tiktok challenge?

The challenge is all about saying the “aht” word and posing a question while giving a humorous response.

See the example below:

  1. What’s the richest fish in the world?.. A goldfish.

2. Why did the picture go to jail?….. beacuse it was framed.

Who started the ‘aht aht aht’ TikTok challenge?

The ah ah ah challenge was started by Tiktok user (theowisseh_) Theo Wisseh and his friends.

Theo has been able to gather over 285k Instagram (theowisseh) followers after ‘aht’ went viral.

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