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Quandale Dingle Meme, Face, Football, High School, TTS, Family Tree



Quandale Dingle

We will be sharing details about Quandale Dingle Meme, face reveal, Pennsauken high school football, TTS, and family Tree. Read more below.

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According to Knowyourmeme, Quandale Dingle is the name of a high school football player from Pennsauken who appears in a series of memes based on a viral screenshot of a PC login screen.

The screenshot was first shared on Twitter in September 2021, and it quickly went viral thanks to reposts, sparking more memes about the name.

TikTok user @asapfeet shared a video of a PC login screen for a user named Quandale Dingle on September 13th, 2021, with a black text box on top of the screenshot reading, “who tf goofy-a** name is this bruh,”

Photo Credit: Twitter

Twitter user @slashafilm shared a screenshot of the screen later that day. TikTokers began utilizing manipulated pictures to function like Quandale Dingle.

This encouraged a slew of other makers to produce videos in the same style, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views.

Quandale’s nose is unusually formed, being large and pointing forward. His face is tilted at an extreme downward inclination, which is emphasized by his huge lower lip.

Is Quandale Dingle A Real Person?

Yes, he is a real person.

Quandale Dingle Football and Pennsauken High School

Quandale Dingle is a senior quarterback for the Pennsauken Football team. According to the Meme website.

For the Pennsauken Indians, he wears the number 25. Quandale can be seen in a complete football uniform in a video published to YouTube by QBC TV on November 12th, 2021 of a game against the Millville Thunderbolts.

Photo Credit: Reddit( @GehirnX)

Quandale Dingle Face Reveal

There have been several rumours about Quandale Dingle Face reveal on social media.

A Reddit @GehirnX user claimed to have confirmed the identity of Quandale Dingle. “Me and my friend u/mcarte1 have confirmed that this is the identity of Quandale Dingle based upon 2 independent sources of confirmation.” He said.

“We identified through two separate posts by proven family members (self-reported information) and date of birth”.

There have also been other speculations on Twitter.

Quandale Dingle TTS

On TikTok, Ticklemytip, commonly known as Ticklemytipp, is the creator of the Quandale Dingle Voice.

With his deep voice and trap remixes based on memes like Quandale Dingle, Goofy Ahh, and Carmen Winstead, he’s created famous TikTok sounds.

Ticklemytip began posting content on TikTok in 2021 but was banned. He also has accounts on Instagram and YouTube, where he posts TikTok audios such as “Pushin’ Dingle,” “Quandale Dingle Freestyle,” and other “Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions” music.

Quandale Dingle Family Tree

According to Quandale Dingle Fandom;

“It is known that Quandale Dingle has an autistic son as well as a “baby mama” named Sheniqua Anderson. His son’s name is currently unknown. Quandale has stated that he supposedly gave away his son to “creepy old guys” due to his refusal to pay child support, although it is unknown if this is true. He has also stated that he trapped his son’s hand in an air fryer.

His relationship with his father is described as abusive by Quandale, who says he was “given a sucker punch full force” and was “smacked in the back of the head with a steering wheel”

Quanlingling Dingle is Quandale’s asian brother. At one point he placed illegal substances in Quandale’s meal as a supposed assassination attempt or a misguided prank, which almost killed Quandale.

Quandale’s cousin, Henry Bartholomew Dinglenut was also arrested, for planting 2.5 Kilograms of TNT in a daycare center. Also putting a camera in president Joe Biden’s bathroom to watch him take a poo.

His relationship with his mother, Quandlisha Dingleberry, is not in a good state, with her being the original founder of the AQTF, an organization with the goal of combating his devious activities.”

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