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Meet Don Jazzy ex-wife Michelle Jackson: Instagram, Son & Smoke Addict



Are you eager to know some things about Don Jazzy’s ex-wife? We have got you covered.

Don jazzy ex-wife Michelle

Don Jazzy ex-wife’s name is Michelle Jackson and she lives in London, United Kingdom.

Nigerian producer, Don Jazzy went on Instagram to revealed he got married at age 20 to Michelle and they got divorced 2 years later at age 22.

The CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy is trending on social media after he opened up about his marriage and divorce with his ex-wife. A Twitter user wrote. “Don Jazzy it’s sad u let ur music dreams come between u & ur family but no-one is perfect; Making mistakes are part of life, the important thing is u learn from ’em & better yourself. U have achieved ur dreams so it’s time u move on, give love a second chance & get remarried”

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Don Jazzy ex-wife Instagram page

Don Jazzy ex-wife’s name is Michelle Jackson and her instagram handle is @yarnstaswitch. She has 30k followers at the time of writing this article.

Don jazzy and ex-wife

Michelle is a Model, Writer, and also an Ambassador to various Fashion Brands.

Michelle Smoke Addict

In April 18th 2019, Michelle celebrated 7 years of quiting smoking.

Michelle was addicted to smoking for 21 years but she was able to control her urge after she went into craftwork to keep her hands busy. “No time to be humble on this one, i tried for at least 10 years before i stopped,” She said.

Michelle added: “I Smoked for 21 years!!! No lie…I’d smoke 4 before i even left home for work..”

Michelle Jackson Son

Don Jazzy ex-wife son

Don Jazzy ex-wife Michelle has a son who she refers to as her ‘little superman’.

Is Don Jazzy the father? It is unclear.

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