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How To Convince Someone They are Being Conned – ‘Love Is Blind’



how to convince someone they are being conned

Seeing a family member getting conned and trying to convince them can be very difficult especially when they have fallen in love with the individual.

LOVE they say is blind. When people fall in love it’s hard for them to find faults in the other gender. Do know some people get beaten and abused and still stay in their relationship just because they are in love?

Scammers and Con artists are great manipulators that don’t mind spending weeks and months just to get their victims to trust and love them. At that point, they can ask for money and personal details from their victim who will freely hand it over believing it’s love.

If you believe a family member is been conned, there are ways you can make them see the ‘light’. This won’t be easy but you can try the steps below.

Reverse Image Search

You can try and get the picture of the scammer and perform a reverse image search. When you get the result keep it as Evidence 1.

Ask Questions About The Scammer

You should talk about the man/woman (scammer) with your friend or family member who you believe is a victim. Try asking some important questions to get a hint about the scammer and check for red flags.

Ask about the man’s job, relationship, age, how long they chat, when they plan on meeting physically, his pictures, and get to know if he is a celebrity.

When you get a good amount of information, check if it aligns with the red flags below.

  • Military, doctor, oil rig, engineer, or contractor
  • calls you honey, baby, babe, or my queen
  • falls in love with you quickly
  • has no one in the world
  • is a celebrity, has an important job but is able to chat hours with your
  • wants to send you money
  • can’t video call or it is short or has excuses of camera or phone bad
  • starts sentence with ‘AM’
  • widow, wife died of cancer or car accident
  • child in boarding school or with relative
  • many sob stories, lost wallet, can’t access money, no food, needs help with medical bills
  • says “age is just a number”
  • they are hot and you are not
  • shows passport or driver’s license as proof of ID
  • ask for your driver’s license, state ID, or bank details.

When you get the result keep it as Evidence 2.

Has Money Been Sent?

How many times has this person (your friend or relative) sent money to the scammer and what was his reason?

When you get the result keep it as Evidence 3.

Have They Seen On Video Call?

Has she done a video call with the man before and how long was the video call? You should ask your friend (the victim) these questions so you can get enough proof.

A video call should last at least 3 to 5 minutes with the face of the man/woman clearly seen, anything other than that is fake.

When you get the result keep it as Evidence 4.

Speak To The Victim

After you have gotten all your evidence it’s time to speak with the victim. Bring out your evidence one after the other and make the victim understand how she is been conned.

Showing her proof will get her convinced a little but you should also make her understand it’s not the end of the world and that she could still find the right love partner.

You should report the scammer and help her cut ties with the scammer.

Wrap Up

Have you tried this and what was your result? Use the comment section below to share your view.

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