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Telegram and Whatsapp wrong number text scam: How it works and how to avoid it



wrong number text scam

There is a new scam whereby scammers pretend to have the wrong number to get you to respond.

There have been several reports of the scam on Telegram and Whatsapp. Continue reading below to know how the scam works and to avoid it.

Telegram and Whatsapp wrong number scam

Potential victims will be texted on WhatsApp or Telegram by a random phone number (a stranger). The scammers hope that potential victims will respond with “Wrong Number.” If the victim responds, the stranger will apologize and ask if they can be friends while ignoring their question.

When you respond they know it’s an active number and you get bombarded by their texts. The best thing to do is ignore and block them.

They are also getting smarter. Sometimes they just say “Hi,” and you think it’s someone who changed their phone number, so you respond. They’re looking to see who has an active phone number in order to narrow down their list of potential victims.

The texts frequently begin by addressing the recipient incorrectly and asking a question.

Whatsapp wrong number scam text/Reddit

“Hey, is this Irving? It’s Larissa

Reply: Wrong number

Sorry, I seem to have entered the wrong number. I’m sorry to have disturbed you.

Reply: Alright

Thanks for understanding, I’m from Singapore and now in LA, how about you?”

This is all scam and should be ignored.

How to avoid the Telegram and Whatsapp Wrong Number Scam

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently issued a warning about an increase in “wrong number” text messages. RoboKiller estimates that Americans received over 12 billion robo-texts in June alone this year. These communications may appear innocuous at first glance, but they are frequently malicious scams.

It is always a bitcoin scam to convince you to invest with a reputable advisor or company or the scammer requests personal information or photos that are embarrassing. Following that, the texter may try to blackmail you into sending money or more sensitive information.

Whatever method, do not respond to any text or phone calls from numbers you do not recognize. The fraudster’s ultimate goal is to pique your interest, confuse you, or scare you into engaging in a conversation.

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