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Young Woman Praised For Not Releasing Seat To Pregnant Woman



pregnant mother

Due to a personal disability, a young lady was praised for refusing to give up her bus seat to a pregnant woman.

The unidentified lady, who goes by the handle u/supportiswelcome, commented about her predicament on Reddit, where it received over 2,000 comments.

The woman, 18, said in the post that she was in an accident a few months ago as she was crossing the street and was hit by a speeding automobile. Her leg and right knee received the brunt of the blow, she added, leaving her with a shattered bone in her leg and a “essentially cracked” knee cap.

Her leg is good as long as she does not walk for lengthy periods of time, but her knee still aches, requiring her to use a cane to move around.

The woman revealed that she got on the bus after school yesterday and sat down, despite the fact that her knee had been troubling her all day.

A pregnant lady boarded the bus at one point and looked around for a vacant seat, but there were none.

Because she was one of the bus’s younger passengers, the pregnant woman instructed her to get up and take a seat.

The young woman claimed she tried to explain in hushed tones, so as not to draw attention to herself, that she had a knee problem and that standing on the bus is difficult for her.

The pregnant lady allegedly began shouting at her, claiming she didn’t believe her “excuses.” In response, she lowered her dress to reveal the scars on her knee to the woman.

Many people praised the woman for sticking up for herself, while others chastised the individual sitting behind her for similarly refusing to give up their seat.

Read the Full Post below:

“A couple of months ago I (18F) got into an accident where I was walking across the road and got hit by a car that was way over the speed limit. My right knee and leg basically took most of the impact. (The car stopped and called an ambulance and left a phone number and we later on settled it and I got quite a big sum of money with help of my parents). A bone in my leg was broken and my knee cap was basically fractured.

“Fast forward to now, my leg has been fine (as long as I am not walking for too long), but my knee still hurts quite a bit, which results in me walking with a cane at 18 years old. (I am a bit embarrassed by it, but i can’t do much about it so I just deal with it).

“Yesterday after school I got in the bus to go home, my knee had been bothering me all day and I was happy to go home, once I got in the bus i took a seat as one does. A couple of stops later a pregnant woman entered and she looked around to see if there was a spot for her to sit (which there wasn’t). I was one of the younger people (probably not the youngest though) on the bus and therefor she decided that I was the perfect candidate to give up my seat.

“So she walked over and basically told me that I had to get up so she could sit down. She didn’t ask me, she told me. So i tried to explain in a soft voice (to not attract to much attention, since I have social anxiety) that I have a knee injury and that it is hard for me to keep my balance in the bus while standing and that it was hurting a lot.

“Well this woman started yelling at me saying that I was just making excuses and that she didn’t believe me. So, I lifted up the dress I was wearing to my knee and showed her the scars, I admit that my scars don’t exactly look pretty or are nice healed or anything, but I had no interest in continuing this discussions. (I made sure that there were no little kids watching when I lifted up the dress).

“The woman didn’t know what to say and she just kept on sulking and went to someone else to get them to give up their seat.

“I thought that was that, but suddenly a person sitting behind me found it necessary to weigh in on the situation by saying that I was way out of line by showing her my scars and that I embarrassed the woman and that I could have easily stood up and just suck it up for the remainder of my route.”

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