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Army Of Thieves: Who is Korina, Rolph & Brad Cage?



Army Of Thieves is a must-watch, We would rate the movie 7/10. By the way, let’s get to know Korina, Rolph, and Brad Cage, the heist crew.

Note: SPOILERS ahead.

Army Of Thieves

Talking about heist movies, Money Heist (La Casa de Papel )is one while Army Of Thieves is another where 3 safes (The Rhein Gold, Valkyrie, and Siegfried) were cracked within a short period of time.

Matthias Schweighöfer directed the 2021 heist film from a script by Shay Hatten, based on a scenario he co-wrote with Zack Snyder.

The movie stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen, and Peter Simonischek in supporting roles, with Schweighöfer reprising his role as Ludwig Dieter.

The heist crew consisted of KorinaRolph, Brad Cage, Gwendoline, and Sebastian. Let’s get in detail about the members.

Korina Dominguez

Korina whose real name is Ruby O. Fee is in charge of logistics and also a master hacker. She has a brother named Daniel Vano.

At age 10, using only her laptop, she bypassed the security systems for a major motion picture studio and stole an early copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

In Real Life

Ruby O. Fee was born on February 7, 1996, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her mother is of German descent. She was raised in Brazil as a youngster before moving to Germany in 2008.

She is an actress and producer, known for The Invisibles (2017), Polar (2019), and Als wir träumten (2015). She made her film debut in the English film Womb alongside Eva Green and Matt Smith.

In 2014, she won a Jupiter Award for Best German TV Actress for her role in Tatort – Happy Birthday, Sarah.

In 2010, she made both her film and television debut in Womb and 13 Hours: Race Against Time, respectively.


Rolph whose real name is Guz Khan is the getaway driver and a drifter.

While working at a hotel, he took a guest car for 15 minutes for a spin and also helped a friend in an armed robbery that involved laptops.

In Real Life

Guz Khan also known as Guzzy Bear, is a British comedian, impressionist, and actor best known for his work in the TV show Man Like Mobeen and stand-up appearances in Live at the Apollo.

Khan posted his first video to Facebook in 2014, and in June of the same year, he made his theatrical debut at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, opening for Aamer Rahman.

His second appearance on stage was alongside Citizen Khan in a comedy evening hosted by the BBC Asian Network at Birmingham’s Library for Comic Relief.

Khan is a Muslim from Pakistan. He resides in the West Midlands with his wife and four children.

Brad Cage

Brad Cage (Alexis Broschini) whose real name is Stuart Martin is the action hero of the team.

He started watching American action movies at a young age to defeat his bullies. He idolized the heroes. Stuart got his name ‘Brad Cage’ from the combination of Brad Pitt and Nic Cage.

In Real Life

Stuart Martin is a Scottish actor who has starred in films such as Babylon, Jamestown, and Medici: Masters of Florence. He went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to study drama.

His wife, Lisa McGrillis, is also an actress; they met at a National Theatre bar Christmas party and they have a son.

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