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Why Money heist season 5 wasn’t released April 5th, Netflix speaks



Netflix speaks on why Money heist season 5 (la casa de Papel) was released on April 5th after a viral post.

Money heist season 5 release date

On Friday, April 2nd, the season 5 of Money heist was rumoured to be out on April 5th, Monday, after a viral post which was allegedly from the American over-the-top content platform and production company, Netflix.

The news which went round various social media platform was shared on Whatsapp as fans anticipated the season 5 release of the Spanish heist crime drama television series, Money heist.

“Everyone’s looking forward to April 5th because of money heist part 5 and then there’s me just feeling excited for Fruits Basket final season” A man wrote on Twitter.

Why Money heist season 5 wasn’t released April 5th

It was an april fool prank.

Money heist cast

After waiting for hours for the season 5 of the movie to be out, Fans discovered it was actually a prank. “I can’t believe y’all are waiting for Money Heist 5 today, April fools must have gotten you pretty nice lol” Another twitter wrote.

Netflix however reacted to the April 5th rumour, “that’s fake. sorry!” The production company wrote on Twitter.

Money heist season 5

When will Money heist season 5 be released? Fans have been asking several questions after the news update.

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