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Grip Clean Net Worth 2022



Grip Clean

Grip Clean is a natural plant-based hand cleaner designed for athletes, active families, and active people. It comes in a handy bottle and is simple to use.

As of 2022, Grip Clean Net worth is $4 million. Continue reading below to learn more about the company.

Bruce Hudson, who is still the company’s CEO, founded Grip Clean. Bryce spent the majority of his time either riding or working on motorcycles. He used to be a Motorcross racer before becoming the Soap Boy.

Bryce Hudson is an X Games athlete known for his love of motorcycles and participation in the X Games.

Because of the nature of his work with motorcycles, Bryce has discovered that he has difficulty removing grease and oil from his hands.

Bryce lost focus several times because dirty hands made it difficult for him to concentrate as he covered his hands in mud to conceal bike grease.

As a result, he had a brilliant idea. To help others in a similar situation, he created a hand washing product.

Due to his numerous injuries, Bryce realizes he will have to retire from the X Games at some point.

He is doing everything he can to ensure the company’s success and is optimistic about its future.

Grip Clean, according to Bryce, needed to bring more than just an impressive personal profile to the US market.

To start his own business, he needed additional capital as well as contacts with potential suppliers and distributors. He went to Shark Tank to get the funds he needed to expand his business.

Is Grip Clean Still In Business?

Yes, As of 2022 Grip Clean is still in business.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, the Grip Clean product line has expanded. The company now sells a half-gallon counter-top jug and a gallon wall-mounted dispenser ($89.99).

In October 2016, Grip Clean partnered with Cycle Gear, the country’s largest retailer of motorcycle clothing, parts, and accessories, and Hudson Advance Auto Parts (and CarQuest), the country’s largest retailer of automobile parts and accessories, in February 2017.

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